Verdant Village Patch 0.18

Little late to the party today because of some issues, but all should be well now. This patch is more prep work than anything. Most of this week was spent chasing bugs as well as trying to polish up some of the elements of the game. Because of that there isn’t a huge amount of content. As some of you may know I’ve been shooting to get archeology into the game by patch 0.2. Since I update every week that effectively gives me two weeks to make the system. And yes, I said make, as in I just started on it yesterday, procrastination ho! As it is a fairly large system it will be monopolizing my time for the near future. That means the following patches likely won’t have much in the way of fixes or content until archeology is here. Of course, it may go more smoothly than expected and I’ll right back to work so who knows.

In any case we’re here to talk about V0.18 not V0.2. This week, like I said, covered a lot of small things, I think. In terms of major additions, the most notable is probably the 3 quests that were added. As people in the discord might be aware it turns out the quest array was bugged in a way that only made itself known once I added more quests so I had to take care of that. These 3 quests are given by Lorelei, Sven, and Kiera. The ones from Sven and Kiera have prerequisites in order to obtain them. Sven’s in particular has one that isn’t just completing another quest. If like most people you’ve ventured through a large chunk of the mines you should fine, if not, get to delving.

In other news you can now purchase objects 5 at a time from shops. You can eat fruit now. The bugs with people fishing up eels that seemed to have an aversion to the player should be resolved, fingers crossed. Animals now have actual statuses including, animal type, birthdays, how many of their respective product they’ve produced, and names. Note that product counts will start at 0 for any animals you already own as it wasn’t being tracked. Also pay attention to any fowl you own on their birthdays; you should be pleasantly surprised. On a side note, birthdays are based on the day you purchased the animal, since I wasn’t tracking this before if you bought an animal prior to this patch it will be given a random day in spring as its birthday.

Ethan got added to the game. I think he was referred to as Matthew in the roadmap, but I’ve changed his name. He’ll be important for archeology later. He doesn’t have all his schedules yet so expect him to do the same thing over and over. The digsite has been added, also important for archeology as you might have guessed. It is west of the ravine if you want to find it.

Lastly, by request (I think? I can’t keep track anymore) signposts have been added in several spots around the game to hopefully give new players a bit more direction. I didn’t want to put in too many, but more may be added in the future.

Everything else is little so I’ll note it all below. Hope you all have fun; with any luck we’ll have some more gameplay heavy stuff next week.

Full Changelog 0.18

-Added a system to allow for purchasing 5 of any object from a store (not including animals). You can toggle this with shift by default.

-Added the digsite, it is west of the ravine if you’d like to go there.

-Added three quests, one for Sven, Kiera, and Lorelei. Sven and Kiera’s have prerequisites. Sven’s specifically requires you to get to a certain level in the mines along with other things.

-Added the archeologist formerly known as Matthew, now Ethan. Prince reference anyone? No? Alright I’ll see myself out. He doesn’t have all of his schedules yet so expect him to be a very droll individual.

-Added several signposts to the game to help new players get around. Walk up to them and interact to read them. More may come in the future.

-Animal status screen will now show an animal’s name, type, birthday, and how many of their respective product they’ve produced. Finally, you can tell which of your pigs is slacking on truffle hunting. Birthdays are based on purchase date. If you bought an animal prior to this patch it will be given a birthday in spring. Your fowl should also have a surprise for you on their birthday.

-Redid the keybinds and settings tab UI to make it all a little more usable.

-Fixed what was hopefully the last of the bugs with berry bushes not showing berries but being harvestable.

-Fruit is now edible, no more scurvy in Amberglen.

-Most likely fixed the last of the bugs with fishing yielding eels that wanted nothing to do with you.

-Kiwi’s have had their sell price raised to 120g, as they made you negative money before.

-Wheat seeds now cost 20g and wheat sells for 40g.

-Fixed a bug that didn’t deduct resources from the player when upgrading a barn or coop.

-Updated the map to make some of the new zones look more accurate, mostly the Narbell Farm, the ravine, and decrepit chapel. This will be an ongoing process as my artist can’t really accurately depict things until I make them.

-Catalog category icon for outdoor paths and walls now has the appropriate sprite to depict it.

-Modified icon images for outdoor walls and paths so that they are more appropriately sized for the inventory.

-Fixed a bug where truffles and eggs could spawn on top of one another.

-Hopefully fixed a minor bug where you would hear livestock SFX just after leaving your coop or barn due to a failure to cancel it.

-Fixed a bug with sheep where they would grow and retract their wool on occasion because you know, sheep can’t actually do that as I’ve found.

-Altered some code to fix several issues where you could click to open a menu and immediately interact with things on that menu before it had even appeared. For instance, opening the store and immediately buying or selling something because your mouse was over a button that was appearing.

-Tinkered with the interior door code to make them open and close more consistently. The player should also not be capable of juking the door while it’s opening and closing to make the animation break.

-Birds that spawn and fly away should now spawn in a more consistent manner and not on top of other objects or water.

-Fixed an issue with tree taps not working on pine trees.

-Fixed a bug where you could highlight multiple buildings at once while upgrading them.

-Altered the way livestock are shown when placing animals into upgraded barns and coops. The icons are now stacked neatly.

-Fixed a bug where under certain conditions moving or upgrading buildings could leave invisible collisions around your trees. These are used to keep you from building too close to trees but weren’t being consistently removed. If you had this issue the patch should destroy any that already exist in your game.

-Fixed a slight alignment issue with the aforementioned tree collisions.

-Fixed a bug where you could pick up multiple path objects from one path, now that’s what I call efficiency.

-Fixed a bug where tier 3 chicken coops would realign themselves strangely after you placed them.

-Fixed a bug where selling animals would leave invisible, and somehow still moving, collision boxes leading you to believe your barn or coop was haunted.

-Fixed a series of cascading errors with barns and coops not accurately tracking animal counts when selling animals and dealing with multiple coops/barns.

-Fixed a bug that allowed you to still milk a cow even if you didn’t feed them the previous day.

-Fixed a bug with trees outside your farm never regrowing under certain circumstances.

-Fixed a bug that allowed Simeon to build multiple buildings at the same time, he’s good but he isn’t that good.

-Fixed a bug where if you started a new game and immediately used a tool without moving, your character would be stuck forever. Who knew, clearly not me that’s who.

-Stabilized code dealing with perks and temporary buffs. For instance, getting the increased dark vision perk and also using Rusty Mead prior to this patch would have reset the gain you got from the perk when the buff from the mead ran out. If you’ve already used these things in conjunction this patch should fix the issues for you and reinstate your perk.

-Altered the fishing bobber animation so that the bobber no longer goes under the water before you need to click, should hopefully clear up confusion.

-NPC patching as been turned back on. I tested; I pray to all the gods that it works for you all as well.

-Fixed a massive bug with corruption in the quest data. Corrupted data in patched up versions of the game should be fixed and stabilized with this patch. You should not lose any progress either.


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Apr 25, 2020
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Apr 25, 2020
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Apr 25, 2020

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(7 edits)

1. The Map is missing after patch.

2. Where is the Ravine? 

3. What is Rusty Mead, and where to get it?

4. Swamp:"Harronting Estate" (or something) in the area where there used to be stones and a sign - i can now enter it but its pitch black. Nothing there.

5: Sven: New quest is bugged. When turning in the quest the ore gets consumed, but get these messages:

Quest show as uncomplete even tho ore is gone. Tryed it multiple times. Same happens every time even with nothing else in inventory then the ore.

EDIT: 6. Lorelei quest is bugged to. When trying to turn in the fruits to her, it removes from inventory but it doesnt complete - and she gives me these messages:

+when standing next to her bed when she wakes up, she warp/fly/speedrun or something to this room.

Kiera quest is also bugged. Items removed from inventory, but quest not complete. Her is her messages:

So all 3 questgivers hint about not enough room in my inventory to recive reward.

Hello, never a dull moment I guess.

  1. The map issue has been taken care of.

  2. The ravine is left of the decrepit chapel, which is left of the lake.

  3. John sells drinks when he works at the bar, Rusty Mead is one of them.

  4. This is related to a quest database bug which has been fixed. You aren’t supposed to be able to get here yet. Unfortunately, the corruption in data is so widespread at this point that quest data is going to end up getting reset for everyone.

  5. I’m looking into these messages. They are only supposed to play if your inventory is full as you probably guessed. Why they are playing now is beyond me. The reason you don’t get your resources back is because the game only tracks what you give to the NPC when there is the danger of your inventory being full. All of the new quests don’t give a physical reward so the game doesn’t track what you give to the NPC and therefore can’t give it back. If I had to guess I’d say this is related to the quest database corruption in general but I haven’t proven it yet. I’m hoping to get this solved prior to resetting quest data.

  6. As for Lorelei jumping from bed to the dining room chair, two things. First, what was the season and weather that day? And second when you say jumped what do you mean? Like she literally went from bed to the chair instantly, or just walked very fast or something?

(1 edit)

hehe. Don't seem like you gone be out of work :)

I also could enter the cave that is left of my house, that was previously broken. Part of the Brock's quest?

Lorelei: It was first day of Spring (i think), but no idea what wheater there was. Sorry

She was moving with lightning speed. So fast i cant say if she moved passed walls or true doors.

Sure seems that way, I’m just sorry that quest data has to go. As for quests, yeah the corruption is basically, from what I can tell, if you completed the bag quest, every other quest ran it’s rewards. So any quest like clearing the rocks in the swamp, or opening up the cave got finished for you. Actually thinking on it I may not have to kill quest data, but we’ll see. I’ll check into Lorelei, no idea why she would be doing that.

oooo the digsite looks interesting.... cant wait to see how this turns out :) Atm i cant talk to the NPC or do anything.

You can’t talk to the NPC? Just tried, had no issues on my end.

hm... he stand still and looks like he is running in the same spot. Couldnt talk to him. Will try relog and see it changes.

(1 edit)

relogged... still not able to talk to the NPC. he is walking and walking and walking without moving forward

EDIT: And i can walk true him. 

The link color on this page is hard for me to read. You might want to tweak that.

Agreed, just swapped it over.

Oh, very nice!