March News Update

Another quick news update here. Strange, I can’t remember where March went, but I guess that’s pretty normal for me at this point.

This month has been lots of QoL work. Basically, all QoL work actually, along with a small addition or two and some bug fixing as always. There have been lots of smaller changes to systems, like pinning quests, alchemy breakdown not functioning off of only your inventory, and updating fermentation again because I must update fermentation every time I patch or I’m not doing something right.

As some people have mentioned quests are a bit much right now, in two senses of the word. Some are too much work, and some are just given out and you have no way of completing them yet. In response to this, I think I spent a few good days just making a new quest database. Not even the actual code in the game, just an excel spreadsheet that is more up to date. I’ve been working off a pretty old design that became outdated at some point. Given that quests aren’t added very often I was just sort of patching things in and making additions where needed.

This is obviously not a very organized system so I took some time to make a new spreadsheet and solidify rewards and requirements for everything. I still need to actually update the in-game quests to unlock at specific intervals, but the result should be less of a quest dump in the opening hours and more of a sprinkling throughout the game. Outside of a few oddball quests however most everything is still at your own pace, so if you want to blast through quests, you can. You just probably won’t end up sitting on like twenty quests anymore.

Aside from that I got some more planning done with non-quest-based elements and rewards. I also finished writing the compendium tutorials, at least for now. Aside from that, I also did some planning for the compendium. I’ve gotten sidetracked, but it is still my back burner project when I’m not putting out other fires.

There are also some map changes coming, some visual, at least one functional, actually I think it is just the one functional one. Most of what I’ve been talking about is vaguer, but I can also say that there is a built-in system for farm screenshots now. The feature has a few bells and whistles tacked on that I thought might be useful as well so hopefully that’s something to enjoy. That said there may be one other small system going in, but it admittedly depends on a few things getting done in time.

I’m shooting for a patch sometime in the next two weeks or so. I think an actual deadline is before the middle of April. Anyway, I apologize for the lack of concrete additions here. There was a brief moment where I added NPCs and quests again before being buried by changes and optimizations to make. To clarify, as I probably have before. Many of these changes are things requested by players. I just wanted to say thank you and that I don’t mind making changes so please don’t hesitate to make suggestions. I just have a complex about not adding actual new stuff and instead just changing existing content, even if the end result does make it better.

In any case, thanks for the continued support. Should have a new patch out in a few weeks.

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