Verdant Village Patch V0.4.7

Time for another patch! I got delayed a little bit due to a few art requests that took a little longer than expected. All in all this patch is somewhat small. I think this is the tail end of a lot of QoL changes and some bug fixes for the game that have been mentioned in the Steam forums and discord. If I didn’t address something you mentioned it probably means I’m still thinking about it.

That said there are a few additions, two I can think of as entirely new things and not just changes. The first is a farm screenshot feature. This could be added to later if people wanted but I think its got most of the things people would like in this feature. You can access it from settings when you are on your farm. For those unfamiliar with the concept, it lets you take a picture of your entire farm usually for posting purposes. I added a few options in as well, simple things like hiding the player or the lighting and weather. Then some other stuff like showing the grid or changing the view to a simplified version that can be used for planning your farm more easily.

Aside from that, jams. Is that not enough of an explanation? No? Okay, well the process of making jam as been added. You have to unlock it of course but you’ll be able to take any fruit or berry and make jam out of it. Its really just a small system to make those items yield some extra profit. It also lines up nicely as something real farmers would do so I thought I’d add it.

Outside of those two things have been a cavalcade of changes to how quests are given out. Mainly each quest should now be restricted so that you can’t receive it until you have the means to complete it. For those patching this does unfortunately mean for you that you are going to lose the quests in your log as some will likely have new requirements and mincing the two would likely end in some sort of small catastrophe. A small note, quests that are obtained from signposts will remain in your quest log, this is because they are handled differently than regular quests. It is also important to note that because of the new requirements on quests some that were available to you prior to the patch may no longer be available yet.

Quests also now sport additional concrete rewards outside of recipes and blueprints. Most of these are minor gold rewards meant to soften the blow of putting resources towards a quest. A note, for those patching you will receive the gold reward for quests you have already completed retroactively so don’t be surprised if you suddenly have more money.

All that said I’ll leave the rest to the patch notes below. We’re already half way through the month so I’ll be posting news again soon. I think it will be focused on what is still coming so there should be a clearer picture of what is going to get added to the game.

Patch 0.4.7 Full Changelog Additions

-Added a path from the Narbell Farm to the Dig Site, no unlocks required

-Re-added a quest for Remi, Gardening Aid

-Added jam making (The object to allow for this is ordered from the shipping chest, and is rewarded from the quest mentioned above, if you are patching up you may want to check as you might have already unlocked the preserves pot)

-Removed “A Donation Of Flax” quest from Kiera temporarily to augment the reward

Quality Of Life

-Added SFX to objects such as looms and drying racks for an extra indication that you have interacted with it

-Added falling leaves to trees in autumn

-Made several minor changes to the world environment including some shadows, a deeper layer of grass and other minor modifications to spruce up areas

-Made a large change to the terrain in the upper right corner of The Whistling Fields zone. The purpose of this change will be made known at a later date

-Updated Main Menu and Exit Game buttons to match the rest of the UI

-Slightly modified settings menu to look a little nicer

-Quest rewards are now visible to the player in the quest log when a quest is selected

-Quests can now be pinned in your log to keep them at the top of the list

-Alchemy breakdown has been changed so that you are no longer limited to working from only your player inventory. How you select items to breakdown has also been modified

-A certain flower has had its name changed to Clivia Lily as its old name was insensitive. Apologies to anyone who was offended, I had no idea the old name was also a slur

-The forge can now be moved once it is repaired, this can be done via the building menu with Simeon

-Made an alteration to the message you get when you haven’t reached floor 10 of the mines and try to use the minecart, this is to prevent confusion

-Gave cooking slots a small plate for the stack information so the text is more readable

-Added code to ensure that you cannot double bind keys in settings

Balance Changes

-Increased stack limit of all items to 999

-Modified stamina drainer spawn rate in mines to keep them from spawning as often

-Modified stamina drainers to remove some barricades surrounding their spawn location so you won’t have to knock down barricades to reach them as often, note that this can still happen but the chance is reduced

-Altered fermentation ingredients to have fewer health and stamina restoring properties and instead a far more varied assortment

-Changed several fermentation ingredients to allow players to gain the tracking buffs from brews they make

-Modified several quest requirements to make them more manageable (less of a grind)

-Increased the number of objects that can be bases in fermentation

-Changed bases in fermentation so that they are doubly effective in whatever benefit they give

-Altered tastes of fermentation items to be far more balanced with far fewer sweet tasting items

-Altered prices of the items at the inn so that they are not cheaper to buy than they are to sell

-Changed wheat seed sell price to 10g from 30g

-Added more immediate rewards in the form of gold or items to most quests (For those who have already completed the quests only the gold rewards will be retroactively applied, rest assured you have not missed any significant items)

Bug Fixes

-Fixed a bug where you could continue clicking the Main Menu and Exit Game buttons despite a confirmation prompt being present

-Fixed an issue where controller you couldn’t access the Main Menu button

-Fixed a controller mapping bug in the fermentation UI

-Fixed an issue where the player house after being moved couldn’t be placed back in the exact same location.

-The solution to this is that the house’s starting position wasn’t aligned to the grid so if you experienced this you won’t be able to put the house back in the same place but the house is now positioned correctly in new games

-Fixed a but where moving your house after upgrading it would cause it to visually regress to an un-upgraded house

-Fixed an issue where it was possible to speak to Lauren normally when she was at the counter in the inn instead of getting the store

-Fixed a bug where if an animal starved it could stop silos from feeding animals in tier 3 structures

-Fixed an issue where opening certain menus would visually reset the portcullis

-Fixed a bug where Caleb would teleport during a specific schedule

-Fixed a bug where secondary cooking slots (any past the initial one you have access to) wouldn’t show proper details

-Fixed a bug where controller support wouldn’t work if the mouse was still hovering certain parts of the game UI

-Fixed an issue where after a patch you would be able to start fermenting something in a fermentation barrel despite it already being the process of fermenting something

-Fixed a bug where gilded truffles generated on a pigs birthday wouldn’t count towards their gilded truffle count

-Fixed a small visual glitch with drop down messages to keep them from stacking as heavily

-Fixed several minor bugs relating to binding keys

-Fixed a bug where the sleep and cancel buttons where mechanically reversed in the sleep menu for controllers

-Fixed a bug where Blessed Powder was pulling the wrong name in alchemy

-Fixed a bug where the “Chef In The Making” quest didn’t properly dole out its rewards on patch

-Fixed a bug where the shipping chest wasn’t displaying stack UI above the items in the slot on occasion

-Fixed several minor bugs revolving around adding augments to fisheries

-Fixed a z ordering glitch with the description display in menus

-Fixed a bug where the text for current pending orders could go out of the UI


Verdant Village V0.4.7 Windows 64 166 MB
Apr 16, 2022
Verdant Village V0.4.7 Windows 32 159 MB
Apr 16, 2022
Verdant Village V0.4.7 191 MB
Apr 16, 2022
Verdant Village V0.4.7 182 MB
Apr 16, 2022
Verdant Village V0.4.7 Windows 64 Bit 166 MB
Apr 16, 2022
Verdant Village V0.4.7 Windows 32 Bit 159 MB
Apr 16, 2022
Verdant Village V0.4.7 Mac 191 MB
Apr 16, 2022
Verdant Village V0.4.7 Linux 182 MB
Apr 16, 2022

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