June News Update

Well, that was a month that went by far too quickly. Welcome to the end of June devlog for Verdant Village. It feels like I just wrote one of these, but I guess that was a month ago.

June has been a busy month to say the least. Looking back on my own notes they are actually looking somewhat sparse, but there’s a reason for that. Most of my work this month was done on the compendium. Specifically, one section of the compendium that I refer to as the item database. What is the item database? Well, basically what you’d imagine. The compendium is meant to give you information regarding most everything in the game. As items are a big part of it this database tracks every item you obtain along with relevant information for how it is used or found. It’s laid out in a way that you’ll reveal and fill it in as you play with completion percentages and the like if you enjoy that sort of thing.

This probably sounds simple, and it mostly is. The cumbersome part is pulling all the data together and displaying it in a readable way. This dominated my time this month, but it is finally done.

There are still several other sections of the compendium that need to be made, but none of them are nearly as labor intensive so I don’t expect them to take anywhere near as long, famous last words, I’m sure.

The next section that I have slated is challenges, which double as steam achievements. It won’t be a complete list as certain game systems still aren’t in, but there are a lot for people who enjoy achievement hunting. After that there are some smaller things that need to be added to the compendium but nothing too major as far as I can tell.

If you haven’t looked at the roadmap that was posted I’ll mention it here. The next patch is mostly the compendium, but there are also a few in game additions. Specifically, 4 zones and 2 characters. I’ve just recently gotten some assets for one of the zones, and I’ll be getting more soon so that is well under way. Aside from that cloud saves have been mentioned as a wanted feature. Cloud saves were actually supposed to go in a long time ago, but an initial test erased a save and it fell by the wayside since. I plan to get them working and put them in for this patch.

All in all, this patch is mostly an interim patch. While the compendium is a very large feature it isn’t exactly gameplay centered. This patch is mostly meant to get things in line before tackling combat in the next patch. With any luck this patch will release sometime in the near future. I don’t have any hard dates as of yet but looking over what I have here I don’t think there is a ton more to do so hopefully I’ll have something more concrete in that regard soon.

As always, thanks for your patience and I hope you are enjoying the game so far.

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